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Mach-C develops, build and delivers turn-key solutions for the Poultry and Hatchery world. We make solutions for Clean Eggs, Clean Trays and Clean Pallets all over the world! 

Apart from realizing new products and solutions, Mach-C is also active in the field of repair and maintenance of existing machines and equipment.

Motivated skilled workers and modern machinery are at the base of a high-quality products. Investing in the quality and efficiency of these capital assets and investing in the development of enduring relationships with our customers and our worldwide dealer network are the main objectives within the corporate policy of Mach-C BV.

As service quality is one of the most important aspects of Mach-C BV, we only use first quality materials and components from leading worldwide suppliers and brands. Machines and parts are either stainless steel or plastic. We aim to deliver a machine with maximum reliability! It is imperative that a solution is in the best practice standards.

Simplicity in design and ease of use are key to our products.

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  • Inline traywasher Mach C
  • offline egg washer Mach C
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  • Pre Egg Washer Mach C
  • Mach-C - Inline Tray Washer
  • Mach-C - Vacuum Egg Lifter
  • Mach-C - Inline Egg Washer
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